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C4W is a leading technology software provider in the field of 3D geometry, inter-operability and modeling.

Standard input

OPN, C4W, DXF, DWG, IGES 3D, STEP, B-Rep (Cascade), STL, VRML, 3DS, RAW, OBJ


Catia V4 3D, IGES 2D, X_T (Parasolid), SAT (ACIS)

3D Shop ModelScan, developed and designed with industrial companies, allows users to easily view, analyze, mark up and print the original geometry of most CAD files without the original CAD/CAM system. This unique tool works on the geometry of your CAD files with very useful additional functions.

With ModelScan, you can equip each person that needs to access CAD information and analyze virtual prototypes; it also helps you detect and resolve errors early in the product lifecycle. Easy to use and easy to learn, ModelScan offers powerful functions with a look and feel close to office automation applications and can host plug-in applications such as PDQ Inspector, file filters.

3D Shop ModelScan provides :

  • Visualisation of standard CAD file formats as well as the proprietary formats of leading CAD systems.
  • Files comparaison
  • Error detection during 3D models designing
  • View and analyse 2D and 3D models
  • Insertion or Duplication of objects
  • Locate, scale or deform objects
  • Mechanism animation and Check for interference
  • Print views
  • Create a note linked to the 3D or 2D geometry
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